blue light + uv skin guard
blue light + uv skin guard

blue light + uv skin guard

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collagen + environmental defense

Proudly introducing our newest advanced Sistine BLUE LIGHT X UV SKIN GUARD! Revamping your routine with our latest skin guard technology “SISTINE BLUE LIGHT”—containing bioactive micro-algae compounds, infused with rich vitamins & minerals, that will serve your skin with a photo-protective shield against the damages of the “BLUE”. 

Blue light is what science calls the most harmful: “high energy visible light” people are being exposed to everyday. Studies show that Blue light ( HEV ) penetrates our skin deeper than normal UV rays within the light spectrum, causing a higher risk of molecular degeneration in our bodies.“The Blue” (HEV) radiates over us daily through all of the technological clutter we place in front of us.

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