bitmap placemats b+w - set of 4

$90.00 CAD
Kareware is a series of table textiles designed by Susan Kare, the legendary designer who created many of the earliest Macintosh icons and the interface design for MacPaint. Her work on symbols in early computing continues to shape our digital experience today. We asked Kare to design a set of textiles for the Jacquard loom. Jacquard weaving was the first instance of applied computing, and was run by a punch card system. We are excited to pair an icon of early computer interface design with one of the earliest computerized technologies to produce this line of fine woven textiles. The first application of Kareware is as linens for the table. These textiles are 100% cotton, double jacquard woven, reversible, absorbent, pre-shrunk, and easy to care for. Made in India. Material: 100% Organic Cotton, Jacquard Woven Meaurements: Dimensions: 19 x 14”