the cylinder pot

$98.00 CAD

Our essential cylinder planters feature a modern twist with a timeless look.  Available in three sizes, the curved sides are a great way to distract from flat walls or long hallways.  These modish planters look great in a group, by themselves or can make a perfect addition to your entryway.  With sleek, clean lines, we promise our essential cylinders are tailored to perfection and will not disappoint!

SMALL -  8" d  x  8" w x 8" h - fits a 6" nursery pot
MEDIUM - 12" d x 12" w x 12" h - fits a 10" nursery pot
LARGE - 16" d x 16" w x 16" h - fits a 14" nursery pot

Our pots are made of fiberstone (which is a combination of fiberglass and crushed stone mixed with a composite).  They are extremely durable and lightweight.  Each pot size fits perfectly inside each other (so save on shipping by ordering multiple sizes at once) and grow your pot collection a lot quicker!